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Hi All . I purchased a pair of these "Secret Weapons" in 1988 from Nowra Audio South at somewhere around $1200 each. They still are amazingly brilliant even at 30 years old. What was also amazing is that Ralph Waters delivered and installed them some 150 miles from Sydney stayed for dinner and educated me to some extent the science of sound. Has any one still have a set of weapons? Has any one had this service since? If you are wondering what these speakers look like I would be only to pleased sstereo speakers to send a few photos. Is Ralph contactable? Cheers enjoy your "Richters" Max
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Hi Max, I still have my Secret Weapons and they are working as well as he day when I first bought them. I have attached pics for you. Had to be one of my best purchases ever, I have a unicorn as my Centre Speaker and this works brilliantly still as well.
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